Sample Portfolios

These portfolios are designed for the independent investor with lower amounts of capital to invest. Except for the balanced funds in the ‘super-simple’ category, they use exchange-traded funds (ETF’s). The various ETFs can be traded within those company accounts commission-free at the time of writing. Check with your brokerage firm to find out which ETFs you may be able to trade for free. Non-taxable portfolios are designed for tax-free accounts, such as IRA’s.


Vanguard non-taxable portfolios


Vanguard non-taxable portfolios


Vanguard non-taxable portfolios

Schwab non-taxable portfolios


Vanguard non-taxable portfolios

TD Ameritrade non-taxable portfolios

This section of the website should not be construed as investment advice or recommendations. Investors should make decisions either on their own or with the help of a professional advisor. All investments are subject to risk, and may lose value. Sample portfolios are not endorsed by any person or company and have been constructed solely by the author.


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